Let’s face it. Life is stressful these days, there are no two ways about it! We’re all under
pressure from family, work, finances and friends and it can all get too much at times.
Luckily, we know a few ways of getting ourselves chilled, relaxed and ready for the trials
of the day. And guess what? We’re going to share them with you!


Guess what? Meditating isn’t all about sitting cross legged and saying: “Ommmm” several
thousand times. Any repetitive action that you enjoy and which relaxes you can be regarded as a
form of meditation. This can include walking, swimming, reading – in fact any activity that calms
you and keeps you ‘in the moment’.


It’s your mind – start to use it. Visualizing a favorite place, person or sight. It’s not difficult – after
all, visualization is just a posh word for ‘daydream’. Think how easily you used to be able to do
that and learn to do it again!


When we are tense or stressed out, our breathing becomes swift and shallow. Which isn’t good.
Learning to do steady, deep and relaxed breathing can make a huge difference. There are lots of
breathing exercises out there that you can try, so see which one works best for you.

Take it all In

When it’s safe to do so (not when you’re driving for example!) just stop. Stop and take a long,
deep, close look around you. Maybe focus on some birdsong or the passing clouds. Sitting near
water and just observing that scene can be hugely relaxing. Find yourself that nice place, that
relaxing sound or scene and lose yourself in it.

Have a Cup Of Tea!

It’s almost a cliché isn’t it? Everything feels better with a nice hot cuppa! Chamomile tea, for
example, is a traditional favorite for calming the mind and reducing stress. Find a type that works
with you and, when it all gets a bit much, sit down and have a brew.

Give Some Love.

Yes, you may feel as if you want everyone to show you some, but offer some back…it really
works! By just hugging a friend or family member, playing with your pet cat or dog, or just being
still and holding hands with your partner. Such interaction stimulates the brain, helping you to see
your way through problems. It may also help lower blood pressure.

Take a Time Out

This may not be easy but, just as you think you’re going to lose it, freak out or have an attack of
the screaming fits – step back, walk away, remove yourself from the situation. Breathe, slowly and
deeply, and focus on letting all that tension go. Don’t rush it. Time is always on your side. Regard
it as a friend, not an enemy.

Listen To Music

If music be the food of love, play on. In ‘Twelfth Night’, Orsino feels that listening to music will
help him cope with his obsession with love and desire. So try it for yourself – no matter what
you’re looking to escape. Recent research has shown that listening to half an hour of classical
music may produce calming effects equivalent to 10mgs of Valium!