Each cup with passion.

regent-coffee-qm-magazineIf you are a person who relies on starting every day with a cup of coffee and can’t imagine life without it, then you are in the right place. Regent Coffee offers a passionate approach to the humble coffee bean, filling every cup with love and happiness. “Scientifically, coffee contains up to over 1,000 chemical compounds and four different flavors. These are Acidity, Sweetness, Bitterness, and Saltiness. When you are really enjoying a cup of coffee, it means you are tasting a perfect combination of each of these flavors. And that’s our goal; to make sure you have the perfect cup,”.

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regent-coffee-qm-magazineRegent Coffee Offers:

If you can’t stay for long, take a bag of beans on the go, or receive delivery. All beans are roasted before being delivered to ensure you receive the freshest beans to indulge in.

Try Regent Coffee’s signature selfy: the personal pour over coffee. This makes coffee on the go an even simpler and efficient experience. Purchase a selfy bag from Regent Coffee to use on the go. The selfy bag strains your coffee straight from the cup, avoiding an unnecessary mess. Simply pour warm water through the selfy bag for a fresh cup of coffee. Have a coffee lover friend? You can gift them any of Regent Coffee’s signature blends, or even a personalized kettle along with selfy personal drip packages.