Sometimes the most unexpected combinations work the best. In this case, compliment your shopping trip with a cup of coffee.

coffee-and-denim-qm-magazineDenim and coffee may be an unusual pairing for you, but at Denim1 store and cafe it is highly favored.If you are looking for a new pair of jeans fit to a variety of body types, styles, and preferences, Denim1 is located in Glendale, California with its doors wide open for you. Denim1 is more than just a denim store. Once you have found that perfect pair of jeans, you may stay a little while longer at the store’s cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee and chocolate. Denim and coffee seems like an unlikely pair at first sight, but you are guaranteed to enjoy the welcoming atmosphere at Denim1 which combines food and fashion.You can find premium quality jeans sold at Denim1 which are made in the USA and appeal to the needs of any visitor. There is a variety of denim available for members of the entire family

Why Denim and Coffee?



Still not sure why denim and coffee works so well? It is a great opportunity to take a break from your shopping frenzy and enjoy a drink to give a boost for another run. Whether you are shopping alone or with a group, afterwards you may relax on the patio and appreciate your new purchases. We also offer a variety of chocolate to accompany your drink and sweeten your day even more. Our brand coffee and chocolates will satisfy the tastes of any shopper. If any of this interests you, visit Denim1 near the Americana in Glendale, CA.