A taste of paradise in every scoop.

paradis-ice-cream-qm-magazineThere probably isn’t anything more satisfying than a scoop of cold ice cream or frozen yogurt on a warm day. If you value homemade, refreshing, and natural ice cream then have a visit to Paradis Ice Cream cafe in Montrose, California. The endless variety of flavors from traditional vanilla, to indulgent chocolate, and vibrant fruit will leave you wondering which to to choose. Want to stop by, but worried about your diet? Paradis Ice Cream has thought that through as well. A typical scoop sorbet is only 75-125 calories, and a typical scoop ice cream has only 150-200 calories for those who are counting their calories. Each product is made with fresh milk and ingredients straight from the market, without artificial flavorings. You will find the most unique combinations and flavors of ice cream, such as licorice, candy cane, cucumber sorbet, eggnong, and much more! Vegan options are also available at all locations to meet the expectations of every customer.

More About Paradis Ice Cream

paradis-ice-cream-qm-magazineThe first Paradis cafe opened in Nørregade, Århus, Denmark in 2000. Over time the business thrived, standing at over 43 Paradis Ice Cream cafes all across Denmark. In 2009, the ship sailed to the United States, where the first Paradis cafe opened in California. Subsequent cafes opened in Long Beach and Huntington Beach, California.  “And we’ll keep on sailing until people all across the world have a Paradis cafe nearby!”. Each individual working at Paradis is passionate about the art of flavor combinations and sharing this experience with others. Stop by while the warm weather lasts, and grab yourself a scoop, or even two.