Do you drink enough?

Health experts unanimously concur that we all need to be drinking at least 2.5 liters of water a day (that’s a little over 4 pints) just to keep ourselves hydrated. The human body is 75% H20 (the same as the earth — coincidence?) and, if we drop that margin by just 2% we become dehydrated. How many of these symptoms are familiar to you?
Tiredness, headaches, aching joints, urinary infections, slow metabolism, low immunity, stress, weight gain, indigestion, dark/smelly urine.
All can be a sign of dehydration — which, if taken to extreme levels, can be very serious from a health point of view. That 2.5 liters a day therefore, is quite important and should, however possible, become part of your day to day living.

But I Drink at Least That Amount of tea/coffee/juices/beer etc!

Many other drinks have potentially harmful additives — caffeine in tea and coffee, sugar in juices and fizzy drinks, and of course, alcohol in your pint of beer. Water is not without its own possible dodgy ingredients of course — but it is, by far, the best and most healthy option.

So it’s a Liquid Equivalent of Taking ‘5 a day’?

Yes. Just as it’s crucial for us to look to eat at least five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables every day, we should be looking to add drinking enough water to that daily regime.

Can I Take it all at Once?

No, this can be extremely dangerous in some cases and will make you feel, at the very least, bloated and uncomfortable. The best thing to do is to sip your way through the recommended amount slowly and steadily throughout the day.

What Else do I Need to Know?

Feeling thirsty is the first symptom of mild dehydration — obviously! However, feeling tired may also be a sign that you are not drinking enough Just a 2% drop in your daily recommended hydration can slow down recall, reactions, and cause difficulty in focusing on tasks. But cracking open another can of Red Bull might just be the worst thing you can do as far as your body is concerned — sip away steadily throughout the day to avoid the chance of this happening.