Thinking of an interior redesign? Whether it’s a bedroom or a living room, look no further than these tips to get you started on your design endeavor!

It doesn’t take a ton of money or a lot of space to create the perfect interior space. All the pieces in your space should complement each other to some degree. The most important thing you need for a project like this is good interior design, time and patience.

Following up with that last point: don’t rush. You have to live with decisions you make, more so if you’re working with a budget. So take a few moments before you begin planning to acknowledge that the project will take time – and a lot of patience!


The first thing you should think about is your vision for the space. How do you want to feel in this room? You might begin by asking yourself what colors or patterns make you happy, or what kind of furniture is most comfortable to you.
Spend some time with your favorite design magazines and note the things you like. You’ll want to make many key decisions in this stage and stick to them for the best result!

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This should be your first and foremost thought. This is a wide category and includes everything from lighting, to focal point to furniture arrangement. Many rooms have a focal point, or a spot in the room that captures the immediate attention of everyone who walks in. That might be a fireplace, piece of furniture, or a bright colored vase, for example. You might decide to pick an item that stands out and build the room scheme around that item. Other aspects of functionality will include lighting, which is crucial to any room. The lighting affects the mood, so deciding your mood early on will be helpful and prevent overspending due to lack of pre-planning.

Avoid buying sets

Instead of buying a set, invest in separate pieces that work well together. The best spaces blend different styles in a way that still sends a unified message. Purchasing piece by piece also means you develop the space more slowly and create meaningful connections to each item. This will make it less likely you regret your decisions
later on.

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Don’t do themes, do moods

Another thing to look out for is over-theming. Children’s rooms are one thing, but your living room probably shouldn’t have sail boat shaped couches or dragon motifs on the walls. That’s not to say themes are a bad thing – they can certainly keep you on track when it comes to your goal – but keep it simple and stay away from themes that are too specific and don’t allow much wiggle room. Ultimately, you want a house that makes you feel a certain way, not one that looks nice with
no feeling.


Even a color as simple as white must be considered carefully. There are many different shades of white, and the slightest shade off can convey an entire different tone.

Keep in Mind

Your needs and desires may change over the course of your project! If that happens, let it! Sometimes the best decisions