For so many people feelings of depression, anxiety, or low mood can set in for all sorts of reasons. One individual’s situation will be completely different to someone else’s. One thing is for sure though — by having an inactive lifestyle and unhealthy diet you can set yourself up to experience those kind of issues.

Get Active

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym or pounding the streets to have a healthy lifestyle. Your body is made to move in lots of different ways – get active three or four times a week, for something like an hour at a time.

Keep it fun and social – participate in exercise classes or take up a sport. Local clubs or centers have plenty to offer any they will be delighted to welcome people of any ability or skill level. Check out your local community centers, you might be surprised to see what’s going on just around the corner. Whatever you do, if your heart’s pumping and you look good and sweaty by the end, you’ve got it just about right.

Eat Well

Healthy diets are neither expensive nor difficult. You may hear about different dieting methods in the media or from friends but don’t over complicate things. Cook meals from scratch. Eat plenty of vegetables. Consume a well-balanced diet containing a variety of food types. It’s not hard to grill a piece of meat, steam some veggies, or boil some potatoes.


Keep an eye on the fat you eat. While it’s true that eating fat is beneficial to a healthy diet, too much of it and of the wrong types is not so good. Avoid highly processed trans-fats as much as possible – things such as margarine and artificial cooking oils contain virtually no nutritional benefit and do very little to help us feel full.

Try and consume fats from healthier sources such as meat and fish, eggs and dairy, nuts, avocado or pure butter. These foods contain unprocessed natural fats and have many other nutritional benefits that help us to feel good while satiating appetite.


Consider the amount of processed sugar you eat too. Sugar has been consistently linked to a wide variety of physical and mental health problems. It’s easy to over-eat foods like chocolate and ice-cream, so incorporate these kind of foods into your diet every no and again, not every night of the week.

These foods are designed to make us feel good. So if you over-eat them and as a result your health starts to diminish, you won’t feel good. It’s entirely possible to consume those foods as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Don’t be daunted. It’s simple to have a healthy lifestyle – consume a nutritious, balanced diet and stay active as much as you can. Do these two things, and not only will you feel healthier, you’ll feel happier too.