"Better Posture. More Confidence."

“Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a mom and entrepreneur, your body keeps up. But you’ve gotta take care of it to do more.” Agree? Then you deserve a day off to take care of yourself and relax at Massage Envy in California. There are many emotional and physical benefits of treating yourself to a quality massage every now and then. Even a half hour is enough to relieve the stress that has been piling up for several weeks and months, whether from work or personal issues. Many fail to understand that stress eventually will affect you physically if not kept under control. Massage therapy also provides you with better posture and blood circulation, which are also important factors to boost your self-confidence and relaxed condition. So give your body a break, and visit Massage Envy for a treatment that will leave others envious of your flawless health and confidence.

What you can do at Massage Envy


There are a variety of procedures you may choose from, including deep tissue and Swedish massages. Or you can choose the new full body stretch (Streto Method). This service is only offered at Massage Envy and consists of professional-lead sessions to ensure the best results. The exclusive service is customized to each customer, and promises more flexibility for your body. If you prefer something targeted to a specific part of your body, you can also take a look at the various skin treatments. This includes: exfoliating hand and feet treatments, facial sessions, back acne facials, chemical peel treatments, and many others.