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We no longer live in the days where it took months to transfer an object by hand to the other side of the country, or sending birds with a message. Now we have the opportunity to send anything across the world in only a matter of hours or days. Whether you have something small and meaningful, or large and valuable, UPS is available to send and receive across the world. UPS offers services for individuals in: shipping, printing, copying, binding, mailboxes, and notary services.

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ups-qm-magazineMore About UPS Services

At UPS you get tracking options for up to 25 packages at once. You can choose to do this online via your laptop or mobile phone. Know exactly when your package will arrive, and where it currently resides. View all the different offers for shipping as an individual, small business, or large business at UPS. You can even calculate the approximate cost and arrival time of your package before deciding a shipping option best for you. UPS ensures the save delivery of your package, whether it is a letter or a large automobile for industrial purposes.

UPS is available near you, in Montrose, Glendale, and La Crescenta.