Walk-in convenience. Experienced care.

If you have an emergency health situation, either once or occasionally, then you surely want quick and affordable help. Urgent 9 Care Center is here to provide quick service to everyone in need, with prices lower than an average visit to the local hospital’s emergency room. In some cases, you are charged with unnecessary rates for your visit to the ER, when there really wasn’t a need. This isn’t the case at Urgent 9.


“Urgent 9, Urgent Care Center is the only urgent care with its own imaging center, private observation unit, and in house lab. It is the closest thing to an ER, at a fraction of the cost.”

The Center provides services such as walk-in care, allowing patients with mild conditions who need same-day care to be treated upon arrival. Common treatments include: colds, rashes, sprains and fractures, infections, and more. Experienced phsyicians are prepared to take care of your needs and provide diagnosis upon your visit as well. One of the many perks at Urgent 9 is the in-house imaging center, which is fully equipped with X-ray, CT scan, and ultrasound abilities, like you would find at any ER. Unlike any ordinary clinic, which may often have you running around the city looking for a place for your x-rays, which will include added fees. The presence of the imaging center will save you from this hassle.

Don’t want to leave your location? You have the opportunity for a virtual consultation, then decide if you have the need to make a visit to the center physically. Via a safe and trustworthy video connection, you can discuss any medical symptoms you have with a professional.

Trust the center with your urgent health needs. Urgent 9 is open 7 days a week, until 8pm on weekdays, and 5pm on weekends.