1. WhyUsWe feature only Local Merchants and Vendors and feature your sales message alongside other prominent local businesses.
  2. Our full color magazine is not just for advertising but an outlet for information and community news.
  3. We showcase your business with ads, editorials and informative articles
  4. Each edition reaches over 35,000 local households and businesses
  5. We have added distributions with our Newsstands strategically placed throughout the cities to compliment our direct mailings.
  6. Your ad will also appear online at www.QuarterlyMailer.com giving your business even more exposure.
  7. Our professional teams of graphic designers create eye catching ads and editorials.
  8. We offer additional contract discounts to save you even more and keep you connected with your audience year round.
  9. Readership is our priority. We strive to keep our standing as the only magazine of its kind in the Jewel City.