Ever wandered what your favorite coffee can tell about you? Do you prefer strong coffee or soft coffee? Is Americano better for you than Cappuccino? Let's take a look at our list for answers

What your coffee says about you!



You like to keep things simple and are sometimes resistant to change. Patient, efficient and a bit old school, you also have a tendency to be dismissive. You prefer a straightforward approach in fashion and in life. Your minimalist nature makes you a friend that others want to be around!


You’re generous with your time and go out of your way to help others. You are more reflective in nature, preferring to let your imagination consider all the options in a leisurely manner. You are someone who likes to be comfortable!


You’re a natural born leader and super hardworking, which is an inspiration to others; both at work and in your social life. Your morning shot is what propels you everyday!


You are a sophisticated individual. You prefer to keep things classier. With a creative mind and your sociable nature, you make a wonderful friend to others. Your cappuccino sets the mood for a day of creativity and style!



You are a very assertive person. You enjoy taking charge and feel confident in expressing your opinions. You are not easily effected by the weather so you are pretty in control of your emotions!


You have somewhat of a dual personality. On one hand, you are organized and put-together, however you also love to cut loose and get a little messy. You are simplistic but also very spontaneous!


You are an adventurous person! You prefer to live in the moment, than plan every detail of your day. By nature, you are a very happy person and radiate positive energy!